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Author, “How to Make A Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies"

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Would you like to discover the secrets of the incredibly lucrative corporate writing industry from a successful marketing executive who’s been hiring writers for over 22 years?

You can quickly & easily learn how to…

  • Find big companies that are HUNGRY for your writing skills

  • Track down hiring managers that have HUGE dollars to spend

  • Say EXACTLY the right things they want to hear

  • Send the writing samples that WORK and leave out the rest

  • Negotiate the HIGHEST PAYING contracts

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You Can Make Major Money as a Freelance Corporate Writer, Even if You're an Absolute Beginner

I don’t care if you’re a professional writer or a beginner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a schoolteacher or an actor. Or a student or a housewife.

No matter what you are, if you can write, I can show you how to….






I'm sure you'll agree that information like this would be extremely valuable, right?

Nelson Duffle

Hi, my name is Nelson Duffle and I’m a senior marketing executive who’s been searching for freelance corporate writers for a LONG time.

For 22 years, I’ve been working on and off for some of the largest corporations in America, including 15 of the Fortune 500. As you may know, the Fortune 500 is a listing of the largest publicly-traded American corporations, based on gross revenue.

These companies are huge and they all have one thing in common – they desperately need good writers.

My jobs with them primarily involve running their marketing departments and, as a result, I’ve had the responsibility of managing some extremely large budgets. I’m talking about money that has been allocated for marketing, advertising, branding, public relations and yes…WRITING.

In every case and in every company, I've had more work to do than I could possibly do alone. At one point, I was managing a staff of 50 writers, educators, producers and designers, and I STILL had to find outside freelancers to help.

But here’s something that you literally may not believe –


In fact, I’ve literally only had FIVE writers ever contact me over 22 years, asking me to look at their portfolios and possibly hire them for writing assignments.


Well, we both know better than that.

There are obviously lots of writers in the world who would love to freelance for mega-corporations like Fidelity, Campbell Soup, Apple, Shell, General Motors or any of the many others that I’ve worked with.

But for some reason, I just haven’t really ever heard from many of those writers. And neither have my professional associates, colleagues and friends at other major corporations. We all talk about how hard it is to find and keep good writers.

Let me ask you a direct question – would you like to do some freelance writing for a Fortune 500 company?

Would you like to get paid a LOT of money to do it?

Or what about any company, as long as there was an opportunity for you to choose the projects you wanted to work on, set the hours that you wanted to work, and still make some really serious money?

Would you like to add some of the companies that I mentioned earlier to your resume, so that you could proudly point to them and say “yes, I wrote a brochure for XYZ Corporation” or “yes, I get hired frequently to help write their website content?”

Let me tell you something – you can.

I’ve decided that it is time to share what I know with freelance writers and aspiring writers everywhere. Basically, I realized that if hiring managers like me can’t find writers, then I’ll teach all of you how to find us!

I want to prove to you that there are thousands of companies out there right now that need your writing skills…and they’ll pay EXTREMELY WELL for what you can provide.

To help you get started, I’ve written an ebook called “How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies,” and it is as honest, factual and insightful as I can make it.

I’ve included lots of my personal stories about searching for writers, along with details on why I hired some of them but not others. You’ll also hear from some other managers and writers who are out there dealing with these same issues right now. This is real, up-to-date information, insight, tips and advice that you can use to get your foot inside the doors of these big companies.

If you’re wanting to be a freelance writer, or wanting to make more freelance money than you currently are, please consider downloading and reading this ebook today. I know that it can help you achieve your financial prosperity and professional goals as a writer if you take it seriously and put it to good use.

But don't just take my word for it. Dr. Joe Vitale is a millionaire copywriter, marketer, best-selling author and one of the stars of the hit movie, "The Secret". Read what Joe has to say...


"This is exactly the book I needed when I started corporate writing 25 years ago!"

Joe Vitale

“Nelson explains how to get your foot inside the door of these big companies that have lots of money to spend on freelance writers. As a successful corporate executive, he’s giving you all the inside secrets and answering all the tough questions, including how to find the right hiring managers, what to say to them, what writing samples you should show and how to get paid the highest fees you can get.

“Here’s a rare chance to peek behind the corporate curtain and discover how managers decide which freelance writers to hire…and which ones to fire! This information can literally launch your career into the stratosphere if you take action and follow Nelson’s tips today. I strongly urge you to buy this e-book!”

Dr. Joe Vitale
Best-Selling Author/Copywriter


You’ll get the answers to these questions and more in this 85-page book called “How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies.”

  • What are the Fortune 500 companies?

  • How do you find companies ready to hire you NOW?

  • What different departments should you contact?

  • What is a “hiring manager?”

  • How do you get your foot in their doors?

  • How do you get your ducks in a row beforehand?

  • How to you make them like you and respect you?

  • Will they hire you if you’re from a small town?

  • Will they hire you if you have no actual experience?

  • Do you have to have published samples to show them?

  • What if you don’t understand their industry?

  • Do you have to be an expert?

  • What should you never agree to in writing?

  • What do you have to do to increase your fees?

  • How can you keep them hiring you again and again?

That's just a sampling of what you'll learn when you get your hands on “How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies. Pat O'Bryan is a best-selling author, Internet marketer and seminar promoter. Listen to what Pat has to say...


"You can’t be a truly successful freelance corporate writer until you DEVOUR Nelson’s book!"

Pat O'Bryan

“Here’s a guy who’s seen it all. In his 22 years as a senior executive, he’s managed projects for some of the largest corporations in the world and has a resume as long as my arm. The guy has hired (and fired) more writers than you can imagine, and is finally willing to share all of the juicy details with us.”

“If you want to pry open the corporate treasure chest and ride off with the riches, then you’ll want to read “How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies” as soon as you can.”

Pat O'Bryan
Best-Selling Author/Producer
Founder of "Portable Empire University"


Did you know there are lots of little known secrets about how to double, triple or even QUADRUPLE your current income as a freelance corporate writer?

I can assure you – freelance writers are doing it every day.

And you can too!

Bill Hibbler is a copywriter and Internet marketing consultant. He's earned as much as $109,693 from a single sales letter. Take a look at what he had to say after reading “How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies.”


"Freelance corporate writers can make a LOT of money, if they know how. Nelson Duffle KNOWS how, and he’s captured it all in this book."

Bill Hibbler

I’ve known Nelson for a couple of years now and he’s the real thing. His depth of information when it comes to the corporate world is astounding, and his appreciation of talented freelancer writers is genuine. He really wants to help you learn to milk the corporate cash cow.”

“I can wholeheartedly recommend “How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies” to any and all writers, but especially if you’re ready to go after the big companies.”

Bill Hibbler
Copywriter/Internet Marketing Consultant & Best-Selling Author of
“Meet and Grow Rich"


You’re going to find that “How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies” is worth every penny for a whole variety of reasons.

If you’ve been stuck on the fence about your writing, this will get you unstuck. If you’re wanting this to be your best year ever, income-wise, then all the guidelines are here.

“How to Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies” was written from my heart because I’ve walked in your shoes, and I know exactly what you’re facing. Every writer wants to do more than just “get by” and you absolutely deserve to get paid what you’re worth. As a successful marketing executive, I’ve worn the corporate clothes too. What I’ve seen on both sides of the fence – corporate and freelance - is INVALUABLE to you.

See, to be really successful and make serious money in this business, you MUST understand what the corporate guys are thinking.

You’ve got to get inside their minds and figure out what it takes to get them to hire YOU for these lucrative writing jobs, not someone else.

“How To Make a Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies” puts you right smack dab in the middle of those corporate managers’ minds. And because I’m one of them, I can tell you exactly what they’re thinking and what you have to do to get them to say…

“YES, I’ll hire you!"

Get Six Valuable Bonus Reports If You Order Today:

As a corporate executive, I’m not usually a big believer in just throwing in a lot of extra “stuff” to hopefully convince you to buy what I’ve written. But I do appreciate the fact that you’re serious about becoming a successful freelance corporate writer and I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you. (I’m telling you – it’s honestly not that hard if you follow the tips and advice in this book.)

So I’ve included SIX EXTRA BONUS REPORTS that are even MORE powerful than the book itself.

Here’s what you’ll get…

“Straight Talk from the Professionals” – The juiciest tidbits from my interviews with Christopher Wood and Charlie Feigenoff, two of the nation’s top freelance corporate writers.

BONUS #2 –
“Warning! Thick Skin Required!”
- The single most powerful way to make ANY hiring manager sit up and pay attention to you. If a writer came walking in my office with this KNOWLEDGE already implanted in their brain, I would hire them on the spot. It’s THAT important!

BONUS #3 –
“Hourly Rates or Flat Fees?”
– Here’s where I tackle the question that I hear more than any other. Is it better to charge a hiring manager by the hour or by the project? How much SHOULD you charge? The answers will surprise you, I guarantee it.

BONUS #4 –
“A Trip Inside the Mind of the Hiring Manager”
– One afternoon, I was talking with a writer friend and she asked what was running through my mind whenever I was interviewing freelancers for projects. I started to rattle off everything I could think of. She stopped me, grabbed her pen, and started jotting it all down. This is the result – 25 tough questions that I always ask in my interviews. You’ll definitely want to know the answers to these!

BONUS #5 -
“How Much Can You REALLY Earn?”
– People talk about how much money there is in corporate freelance writing, but is it true? Are there really any writers making in the SIX FIGURES? Let’s talk turkey here.

BONUS #6 –
“The Freelance Writer’s Critical Checklist”
– Here’s a LONG list of items that you’ll want to print out and pin on the wall beside your computer. If you study these every day, and you work out the answers as they relate to YOU, then you’ll be far down the road to success before you even start to call any hiring managers. Good information for experienced and beginning writers alike!

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Thanks and I’ll see you in the corporate world!


Nelson Duffle

Nelson Duffle
Former VP of Branding/Marketing
Fidelity Investments, Citigate, Scudder

P.S. – So many writers have asked me for these corporate secrets that I’m offering this ebook at a special introductory price of just $47, but I do intend to raise the price soon. Get it now and put your savings back in your own pocket where they belong!

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